Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to my blog.


Welcome to my blog I finally got it up and running a little.

I will have dh take some pics for me later of my latest card.

Or maybe I'll take the challenge to take some myself.

I'm terrible with a camera. Always cutting peoples heads off and such.

But maybe if its a card or layout I will do better. Lets cross our fingers.

Well, what's on my wishlist right now for scrap supplies, besides
all the new things that CM just came out with. I definitely want to
get Sizzix's Hello Kitty dies.

I just love that Hello Kitty. DH lets me keep a Hello Kitty sticker on
the back of the car. And he was customizing my office computer to be
all pink and Hello Kitty. But then I started using our living room
computer more, so that stopped him from finishing it. And now I
stole his laptop.

I'm just not allowed to take it anywhere other then to visit his folks.

Besides that I really would like Santa to help dh to get a shed so that
dh and I can finally switch offices. DH is a Computer GEEK and
proud of it. If you know one or are one you can google him under
ZapWizard. Personally, I just like to tour around the net, meet
people, and get my email.

So dh and I should switch offices because his is bigger and gets all
the direct sunlight. Which is bad if you're a GEEK but fantastic if you
scrap. And mine is all dark and small. But dh would have an office,
plus, he's got the garage and hewants a shed. I just want one room in
the house other than the living room to scrap in.

Oh and we have 2 adorable Bostons Einstein and Dixie. We rescued
Dixie from the family that posted her on CL.

I live to scrap. If it's a weekend chances are you'll find me at a crop.
Unless, I'm working.

That's why I do CM.
(Disclaimer!As an enthusiastic, loyal and committed CM Consultant,
it is my duty to tell you that I am responsible for the content of this
blog. My views, layouts, style, Bostons and observations are in no
way endorsed, sanctioned by or a product of Creative Memories.)
I hope to not offend anyone by my blog.


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