Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just got back


Just got back from watching The Watchmen. Pretty cool movie.

Never read the graphic novel but I still really liked the movie.

DH and I are kinda geeky we like movies like X-Men, Tranformers,
the TV series Firefly (although we didn't know about it 'til we saw
Serenity with dh's friends). And some of our weekly faves are Sarah
Connor Chronicles, Battlestar, and we both watch the Star Trek series'.

So this movie was right up our alley.

I would definitely recommend it to any other comic book geeks
like us out there.

I promise to post at least one card this week.

It's kinda tough with my schedule at work because I'm not really a
night owl. The only reason I'm up right now is because we went to
the movies @ 8pm and we just got home. Then the dogs needed to
be fed and let out.

Oh and just like on Heroes (another one of our favorite shows) we
definitely think a trip to the Alamo Drafthouse is the only way to see
a movie. I can't seem to find that video otherwise I'd post that too. If
any of you are geekier than me and could find it for me I'd appreciate it.

Happy Crafting.


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