Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sale today


Cross your fingers for me or if you're in Austin, TX area come out and help by shopping at the Garage Sale today.

As dh said we would get to talk after I saw how much money I brought in at the Garage Sale. Which is why I'm hoping it goes well.

Last year I sold everything I brought. Woo hoo. I'm hoping it goes as well this year.

I've been looking through The Angel Company catalog trying to figure out what it is that I want to get for my kit. They let you pick what you want in your kit. That's a BIG plus for me as far as this company goes as well as the low quota.

I've been a Pampered Chef and am on a leave of absence from being a Creative Memories Consultant(quotas sky high $500 per quarter). Plus, just by taking a stroll through my blog you'll see that I'm more of a card maker than a scrapbooker.

DH knows that but since I've also done those other 2 businesses he doesn't want me to sign up just for the kit.

On top of that my meetup groups Organizer won't post my crop/classes because there's already 2 SU!(Organizer & her downline) and 1 CTMH, although no one goes to the CTMH's crops because she starts then at 8pm and ends at midnight and she's about 30 min. away from the rest of our group.

She will post my crops if I do them for FREE because we need more FREE crops on the calendar. But I was already having to do that anyway when I was doing CM crops, because most of the group is card makers and not scrapbookers. And the Organizer wouldn't let me teach card making classes since that's what she does.

Don't get me wrong I love my meetup group and the Organizer is the best.

Oh, well I still want my kit and even if I have to come up with my quota. Which I had to do as a CM, it's only 1/5 of the price that I spent before. And I'll actually use it rather than having it sit here in our house.

Happy Crafting.


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  1. Good luck at your garage sale hun!!! Hope you sell everything again!!!! Also wish you well with the Angel co.

    Have a wonderful day!!!