Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crayon Background Techniques video


I know it's been a while since I've created/posted a How To Video.

I'm still feeling under the weather and finding it difficult to talk for long without
coughing. :(

So I do apologize. However, I did find this technique over on the Hero Arts blog
and found it to be really interesting. I will have to see if we have crayons here in
my house. I prefer crayola but I can't remember if I bought those for my niece
and nephew. Plus, we've had them for quite a while since I bought them when they
were younger and now they're in middle school/junior high. I don't know what term
they use anymore. When I was going to school it was called middle school.

** Warning: Non-scrapbook related read at your own discretion. **

Infact, funny snippet but when I was in middle school the school I went to was called
Porter Middle School. It's not around anymore, well the building is they just renamed
it and remodeled it. It's now The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.
Actually, they closed down the high school I graduated from and then reopened it under
a new name too. It used to be Albert Sydney Johnson High School and now it's
reopened under East Side High. Which goes to show just how ghetto it is where I grew

Anyway, back to where I went to middle school and this is part of why I remember it
being called middle school. So I went to Porter Middle School. Well, what are those
initials PMS and I don't know why but it must of been before I was old enough to go to
school there but they but the initials in the cafe-torium (cafeteria/auditorium) and the
gym. Infact, the cool food line was right by the initials. You know the stuff that wasn't
served in the cafeteria line. Back when I went to school only the kids that had sack
lunches or basically weren't the cool kids would get food from the regular cafeteria line
and the cool kids would either buy food from the line in front of the PMS or in the
vending machines.

** Back to your regularly scheduled reading. **

So back to the reason you even started reading this. The video.

Here it is:

Happy Crafting.


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