Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cheater bow video


I just found this great video on how to do bows while strolling through the blogosphere.

And just had to share with you. I know I should be working on Father's Day cards but I'm procrastinating.

It's tough since I'm not really into the whole masculine color scheme. But I've got to do better than I did last year. Which now that I've been concentrating more on card making I do hope that my cards turn out better than this.
Father's Day '08

This is last year's Father's Day card. The sentiment inside says Happy Father's Day.

The good thing about having 2 great dads
  1. my step-dad
  2. my father-in-law
is that they just appreciate the thought. Unlike my mom who is very critical.

I know you might be thinking what about my bio dad. Well, we don't talk about him.

And Father's Day is certainly not the day we are going to do it. Only my REALLY
good friends know about bio dad and my immediate family. Like my side of the family
and my mil and fil. I don't even think dh's siblings know about my bio dad.

My poor mil and fil have actually had the misfortune of meeting bio dad. And let's just
put it this way my fil does not want bio dad to know where we are.

My poor loving mother still feels some kind of loyalty to bio dad and probably would tell
him where we are. Which I still don't quite understand.

Well off to create my Father's Day cards.

Happy Crafting.

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