Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changed Background


I had to, as the Volturi would, say Arrivederci to my blog background.

But don't worry it or something equally as Gothic will be up just in time
for Twilight: Eclipse to arrive.

Although, I did like the background so I may bring it back for Valentine's
Day. After all Twilight is a good romance novel.

I mean it's boy meets girl. Boy loses girl (after his brother tries to devour
her). Boy gets girl back(after she rescues him from nearly exposing himself). Girl
is in a love triangle with boy and another boy(darn wolf boy).
*Spoiler alert*
Boy wins girl (and they get married). Girl gets pregnant and then turns into Vampire.
Boy and girls baby imprints on other boy.
*End of Spoiler alert*

Besides, I had to tone it down a little because starting next week I will
have the halls decked for Christmas.

Happy Crafting.

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