Thursday, September 6, 2012

National Stamping Month 2012


I wanted to wish y'all a very Happy National Stamping Month!!!!

Did y'all know it was National Stamping Month? I didn't either. I'd heard of
National Scrapbooking Month but not National Stamping Month. And I do so
much more stamping than I do making scrapbooks.

In honor of National Stamping Month, Close to my Heart is celebrating by offering an awesome stamp set called "It's Your Day" for just $5. I know. When I saw how awesome it is I was like "Shut the front door".

 Below is a video to show you this awesome stamp set as well as some great ideas of projects to make with it.

And all you have to do to qualify for the "It's Your Day" set is just spend $35. Can you believe it?!? That is so cheap I spend that to fill up my tank. And it will certainly last longer and be
way cooler than a trip to the pump.

And you can purchase it conveniently from your home by shopping on my website. Which

I know there are a ton of things on my wish list. That would definitely get me to that $35 and
beyond. What's on your wish list?

I hope y'all are having a wonderful evening.

Happy Crafting,

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