Friday, October 12, 2012

Running errands


No real post today. I'm out running errands. Like this:
Yep. I was able to send off almost 200 cards to OWH. Don't forget to thank a hero.

Now, of course I didn't make all of these in the last couple of days although it feels like I did remake quite a lot of them. You see, they all had to be labeled with Operation Write Home on the back some of which were hand written and others I went into and typed up a label. I am waiting for a stamp from  OWH to come in soon.

Also the darker colored cards needed white cardstock inserts. I hope to send more soon.

This box had about 30 Christmas cards which couldn't wait to be sent. You see unlike us who can wait to make or even buy(which I haven't done in over 7 years) your Christmas cards, our heroes are busy defending and protecting to run out to the local Hallmark (or whatever they have in the country they are in). Plus the other cards are a good variety of cards for the heroes to send back home.

I also ran a couple of other errands plus it RAINED. I know if you don't live in the Austin, TX area you might not realize just how exciting that is for us. But trust me it's almost but not quite as infrequent as snow is over here. The last time I think we had snow was like 7 years ago. And trust me I understand what snow is and how much fun it can be since I've visited Utah. As for rain just last year we had all kinds of crazy wildfires some as far as just 15 miles away from my home. Of course, the year before we were flooded in my neighborhood and couldn't leave cause we live on the top of the hill and both exits out of our section were flooded. So rain is awesome and scary at the same time.

Hope you are having a great TGIF.

Happy Crafting,

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