Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Tip Day: Ribbon Storage Part 2


Today we begin the second part of my ribbon storage solution tips.

If you missed the first segment. You can find it HERE.

Today we will discuss what I do with the dreaded loose ribbon.

Does your ribbon stash look like this?

For me I still like the feeling of going through my ribbon and picking out the right match. I just don't like my ribbon to be loose all the time.

So I keep mine in the BURKEN jars from IKEA. And no I don't work for IKEA and they don't even know that I'm writing this post. It's just that for me personally these work the best.

I'm certain if someone wanted to do something similar they could use those KNORR mason jars.

The real reason I use the BURKEN jars is that they come in three different sizes but being from IKEA, if I've got my jars open and I can't recall the lid that went to which jar it's not a problem because they are interchangeable. Which makes it super easy for clean up after a late night of crafting.

This is what my loose ribbon stash looks like today.

Being me though, this is only a small sampling of the loose ribbon that I have.

I also use the smaller BURKEN jars for my remaining loose ribbon stash.
As you can see they are similar in design just smaller in size
I really do find that this looks much better storage solution. Then my old method of using sandwich bags or shoe boxes to store my loose ribbon in.

Sorry I can't provide you with any pictures of that because I changed over to this method last year.

Perhaps some of you are using are still using the show box or sandwich bag method and this tip provide you with some inspiration to change over your method of loose ribbon storage.

Please let me know if this tip has been of use to you. And if you do change over your ribbon storage method. I'd love to see what method you are using.

If so please leave a link similar to this: http://cr8iveme.blogspot.com/2013/10/tuesday-tip-day-ribbon-storage-part-2.html below

Happy Crafting,

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