Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guess who's a finalist?


Sorry I haven't been able to craft and blog for a while.

Life is crazy around here. I got some new Church callings. Then school started back up. Then my little brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukemia and throat cancer.

I promise when I get a chance to share some more of my personal crafty goodness/inspiration.

But, on the bright side. I am a finalist number 5 in Sizzix's Who Are You? Contest.

I would sure appreciate y'all's help in voting. And if I win, I promise to share a video of what comes in the package, my trip to the Sizzix studio, if I can, the tour of the Sizzix studio, and if I'm allowed a little of the training I get if I win the Grand Prize.

So big things could be coming to the blog if I win. Please visit to vote for number 5.

Happy Crafting,

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