Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making more room


I've been wanting to make more room in my craft space.

Due to the fact that currently it resides in my living room.

And since I heard about this at the Shoebox Swap I attended I've
been considering removing my stamps from my wood blocks. Also
because I feel so bad that I love the designs of my wood blocks but
rarely ever use them because they're so hard to travel with.

Trust me I try my best to take what I'll need for a crop. But since I
usually don't know what that is until I get there I try to ensure that
I bring only what I can carry in/on top of my rolling bag. CM of
course, and it's just the perfect size too. I will have to take a pic of
my bag when it is packed for a crop or just in general because unless
I'm crafting I try to keep everything organized in my travel bag so
I'm ready for the next crop.

This is what it looks like in
the catalog and on my website.

If you are interested in purchasing this feel free to email me.
And I will get if for you at 15% less the cost, plus no shipping
. Just email M.E. @ cmcmaryd_at_gmail_dot_com. But this
offer is only good until March 28th, 2009. And only by emailing M.E.
(Offer only good in the Continental USA).

OK. So I just found these great instructions on For Love of Paper for
unmounting your woodblocks.

Happy Crafting.


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