Friday, April 17, 2009

Amuse Bouche - deux


So I was just strolling through the blogosphere and saw that Amuse is
doing another Amuse bouche.

It's super cute baby stamps. Plus Asian themed stamps! Yay! Asian
themed stamps are my fave right now. But I guess since I LOVE Hello
Kitty that's probably why I prefer my Asian themed stamps to be
more cute then sophisticated.

And I love Amuse stamps already. They're one of the few wood block
stamps that I'll buy besides SU!

I do so hope that the new stamps will be acrylic stamps because I'm
more ready to buy them since they're easier to store.

Guess I'll have to ask my mil. She's the closest scrapbook store within
50 miles of me that sells Amuse.

Check out the Amuse Bouche here.

Happy Crafting.


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