Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who likes Dustin Pike?

I think we all do whether we know it yet or not.

Have you seen his digi stamps yet? Check them out on his blog.

Or maybe you're a fan of DRS Designs, the latest line they came out with were stamps
designed by Dustin.

Or maybe you like the Paper Makeup stamps. He's also coming out with a new line for
them too.

Well, I just wanted to help get the word out that Dustin is offering some blog candy. And
to get your chance at it you just have to help do something you do already. Make cards, silly.

And pick a child to send them to over at Post Pals. And these kiddos are so cute so why
wouldn't you want to send them a card.

Follow the mailing directions and send it in the mail. Next post a photo or scan of what you did on your blog or site and Dustin is trusting everyone on this part (mail the item)... post a comment on his post that you have done all of this and he will choose 1 grand winner and 10 first prize winners.

How awesome is that. Even if you aren't chosen the grand winner, you still may be lucky
enough to be chosen for 1st prize.

Happy Crafting.

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