Monday, February 1, 2010

Did you know ...

that February is National Embroidery Month?

National Embroidery Month

An Overview of the Observance of Embroidery in February

From children to senior adults, the art of embroidery is a age old tradition often passed from grandmother to grandchild. With simple hand stitches to complex computerized stitching, embroidery is a skill many people will practice during the month of February. Considered the National Embroidery Month, towns across America will honor and recognize the fundamental American values and the traditional art of sewing which dates back many centuries.

Embroidery, an needlework craft, involves a range of stitching from simple hand stitching to high tech factory styled stitching. With so much embroidery around us, most American consumers do not realize the magnitude of the art, and skill involved, with embroidery. As an art, embroidery is not an easy task to achieve. With complex hand stitchings, embroidery stitching is layered to create design and texture. As a result, fine hand embroidered pieces of fabric are often considered of high monetary value. So, as a beginner, how do you celebrate this February holiday celebration?

Visit a local fabric store or shop online and purchase a basic embroidery kit. With most needlework specialty shops providing a full kit to the beginner, the basic outline process for embroidery hand stitching is easily achieved in the convenience of your own home. With a variety of stitches to be learned, beginner embroidery kits often will teach the basic outine stitch to achieve a wonderful beginners piece of art work.

As a beginner in the embroidery needlework art, with an interest in more advanced technology, embroidery can also be learned through the use of sewing machines and digital art work. Using sewing machines with advanced digital design, the consumer can create beautiful pieces of embroidered artwork during the National Embroidery Month observations. For information on digital art embroidery, visiting a local fabric or needlework store will, most likely, provide more useful information than that of an online needlework specialty shop.

Did you know that you could add embroidery or stitching to your crafts. There are some great templates that I personally use for adding stitching onto my cards.

Happy Crafting.


  1. I gave my embroidery machine teh month of January off since it was working full time for all of December. I may have to get some new designs from Embroidery Library to help celebrate!

  2. What a great idea to embroider on cards! I used to embroider a lot (in my pre-stamping!) and in fact just found my stash of threads the other day while cleaning out my craft closet. What a great way to combine the 2 - gonna have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Maybe I will get out some of my embroidery supplies and see how I can add it to a card- thanks for posting this!

  4. What a nice post. I love to embroidery and taught my granddaughter. She loves it to. I have an embroidery machine but rarely use unless I am doing something for someone else. There is no comparison to pushing a button and creating an embroidery piece with your hands. Thank you for this. I do stitch on cards often.