Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008 Countdown

Just one more day and it's here.

I did work on a card last night. I was trying to come up with a card using a sketch that I'd found.

I will try to post it later today along with the website that I got the sketch from. Probably after work before the in-laws come over.

I am trying to come up with a card design for the Shoebox Swap in
San Antonio. It's in January, which is in like a week.

Thank goodness it's in the middle of the month though.

Plus, I've got to find out if I can get a ride but the gal that I'm going to ask is out of town for the holidays. I think she'll say yes though. At least I hope she does.

The owner of the store I work at brought our Christmas presents yesterday. Cool. I got a Target gift card. It's so cute. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it. I do go to their scrapbook section but rarely buy because I'm always looking for a good deal or discount and they don't usually do that in those types of stores. Since their not a craft store. But since I have the gift card I figure why not?

I used to go to Target and Walmart after Christmas to try to get my favorite ornaments for the next year on sale. But it seems that since I've been married they stopped carrying Precious Moments ornaments. So I have to go to the Hallmark store to try to find them on sale.

Almost all our Christmas ornaments are Precious Moments. Except for the ones dh's family gave us.

With this being such a rough year we didn't really decorate that much for Christmas. We did put up 2 little trees. And because I had a dream about Mary and the baby Jesus and the miracle of childbearing. When I woke up I felt compelled to get out all our Nativity sets. Weird, I know but I never have dreams that I actually can remember, so I figured if it was important enough to remember when I woke, then it was important enough to do what I felt compelled to do.

Plus, since my b-day was a wash because the car died on us that night going home from work and we didn't get it back for 2 days. Plus, it cost $500 which is the $$ that we were going to use for me at the dentist. Which I'm super ticked off about because I went to this Dentist 2x. The first time was to see what could be done about my tooth. I asked if they could just pull it or what they wanted to do with it. They told me (and actually made me a little ticked) that they don't pull teeth because it messes up your whole mouth and the teeth start growing funny and yada, yada, yada. Which is a shock to me because I have a tooth on the exact opposite side of my mouth from this tooth that I went to the dentist about that I had gotten pulled and have never had any problems with it. And I know it's been pulled for a good decade at least. So the dentist tells me that he will do a root canal and put a cap on my tooth.

So the 2nd time, I go to this dentist to get my tooth root canaled and to have a cap put on it. OK so they took an X-ray the 1st time I was there and gave me the whole schpeal about needing to go and get the root canal and cap. So they've got my mouth all open to do this. And then the dentist says that he can't finish because of my roots being to hard for his equipment. He tells me to go to the specialty dentist. OK this 1st dentist was supposed to cost $500 in total for the root canal and cap (thank god we have dental insurance). So a couple of hours later I get in to see the specialty dentist. They do an X-ray and the dentist evaluates it. And immediately he tells me how it's not going to be easy to do my root canal. OK, I'm all for honesty but really if this dentist can tell that off of an X-ray, shouldn't the 1st dentist have known that before opening my mouth and trying to do all this. I mean honestly if we didn't live in the burbs I totally would have just gone back to the clinic even though we do have dental. Because yes the tooth on the other side of my mouth that got pulled like a decade ago was hard for the dentist to pull. At least I thought so while I was sitting in his chair. He did it. And didn't complain once to me about it. He totally tried to make me feel at ease and comfortable and this is at the dental clinic. And when he was done he told me that I could go to the non-clinic dentist and have them put in a cap or whatever. I was poor at the time so didn't do it. And you know what it hasn't ever been a problem for me. I mean yes something may get stuck in that space just like food gets stuck in between your teeth. It's just that space is a little bigger. But I take care of it and it never has bothered me.

OK. So the 2nd dentist is all like are you Catholic. And I'm like NO, but my mom is. And he says to me that I need her to pray for me because there's this patron Catholic Saint of Dentistry. And then when I leave the office I get the estimate for the root canal alone from this office and it's $700. $500 for the root canal and $200 for the specialty dentist.

So the 1st dentist before I left had put some stuff on my tooth to hold it over till I could get the root canal and the cap. And the tooth was fine. Until this week where now it's a total pain in the butt. It hurts constantly. Where as it hurt before and that's why I went to the dentist but it wasn't constant and I could totally use ora-jel and it helped relieve the pain but know that doesn't do squat.

Sorry to go all ballistic but honestly it's totally frustrating.

Happy Holidays.


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