Monday, March 2, 2009

Texas Independence Day

Howdy, Ya'll.

I'm gonna try to do this in the official language of the great Republic of Texas.

Did you know that we're still the only state in the nation that's able to leave the nation still. It's written in our state constitution. At least if I remember my Texas history.

We're so proud of our state history that we teach it in Middle School. Well, at least we did when I went to middle school. Do they even call it middle school anymore? or just Junior High? Guess, I'll have to ask my niece and nephew. Since that's the grade they're fixin' to be in.

DH says that were one of the few states that does that. He went to school in Illinois and Utah.

Our state capital building is an exact replica of the capital building in Washington, D.C. DH proposed to me on the state capital grounds.

We aren't as Texan as some of our friends though. Since, he's not really from here. Although, he claims he is. He was born in UT and learned to drive in Ill. And I claim that I am since I only remember growing up here in TX. Been here since before I was 5 and I'm a little past that. (OK, 27 years past that.) But, I'm first generation American/Texan. My folks are from the Philippines.

DH and I love Texas so much that's what we get his folks for presents every year. Something with the state flag on it. We even have a stained glass state flag in our living room.

We don't own a truck but we do have friends that do and that also wear cowboy boots and cowboy hats all the time. We do have cowboy hats though. I think it's a requirement. Plus, we couldn't own a truck. The last time we jumped into dh's friends truck dh nearly pulled my arm off because he forgot that I'm at least 5 or 6 inches shorter than him and that in order for me to get in the truck I need a boost.

Thank goodness we live in Austin, the most un-Texas Texas town. Because in the other towns in Texas the women have to get there hair all gussied up and their face put on just to go to the grocery store. Have you ever seen a Mary Kay lady, not the new fresh faced ones. I'm talking about the ones that are always looking like they're going to be in a beauty contest. Well, guess what that's because Mary Kay is from here, Dallas to be exact.

Well that's all the Texas trivia I'm ready to spout out right now. Oh, except that Texas is bigger than France.

But I feel inspired to make a card using my Texas Quickutz die cut today so maybe I'll do that and have it posted for you tonight.

Happy Crafting, ya'll.


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  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for this info very interesting since I am a transplant not born n raised here in Texas. Stef S