Friday, May 29, 2009

I Facebook Now


Just wanted to let you know that I decided to go a head and do it.

I have a Facebook page now. Facebook won over Twitter by 2 votes.

I put the badge for my Facebook page on the sidebar just in case you'd like
to see what I'm up to. Also it has my name just in case you were wondering
who Mary Driggs is, the M.E. in Cr8ive M.E. stands for Mary Ellen but since
I don't always go by that I figured I'd just use my first name.

Plus, since I have my iTouch with me always. Whenever I'm connected you
can see what I'm up to and vice versa. The iTouch was an early anniversary
present from DH, especially since our anniversary isn't until the 8th of June.

Check out my blog candy that I'm offering in honor of my anniversary.

I will try to get a card or 2 made today for you guys.

Happy Crafting,

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