Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day blog hop


I wanted to let you know about an awesome blog hop that's starting tomorrow,
Saturday, May 23rd.

It's in honor of our troops and to help spread the word out about sending cards
to them.

They help defend our country the least we can do is send them a card.

I think this would actually be a brilliant idea for a charity crop. Maybe I can
see if I can get one posted on the meetup group that I belong to.

My (step-dad's side) uncle is retired Air Force, my bio dad served in the Navy, and
my dh's middle brother is on active duty. He's been sent to Iraq 3 times and once to
D.C. Sometimes I forget that D.C. needs to be guarded too. I mean more then other

I'm looking forward to getting my Bombshell stamps I think the troops would really
enjoy that. And if I can get a response back from Jessica Lynn Originals about my
Certificate Code not working. I wanted to get their Brentwood Soldier digi. I won
$5 at the Jessica Lynn launch party last night. But when I went to use the code
it didn't want to work.

I put a blog button up at the top of my blog bar so that you can be sure to check out
the blog hop.

Happy Crafting.

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