Friday, May 22, 2009

The Stamping Gods are smiling ...

down on me.

Cause I just heard I'm getting some FREE stamps from DRS Designs. For being this week's Tipster.

How cool is that.

That makes $50 in FREE Stamps from Bombshell Stamps. Check them out here.
$5 FREE stamps from Jessica Lynn Originals. Check them out here. For when I went
to her Launch Party and guessed the name of her new puppy Evee. It's also the name
of one of the new stamps.
And now FREE stamps from DRS Designs. Sue really liked my tip and I guess you will
get to read it tomorrow. Check out DRS here and their blog here.

I will let you see all the cool new stamps that I get when they arrive.

You can check out the FREE stamps I got from DRS Designs the last time I submitted a tip, here.

And don't forget you can also submit a tip to DRS Designs blog and you could be the next person to receive FREE stamps. How cool would that be?

Happy Crafting.

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