Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's going on Memorial Day weekend ...

in the blogosphere?

Well, first don't forget about the Memorial Day Blog Hop. The link is on my sidebar. You can't miss it.

And Enjoy the VA.Sunshine has some great blog candy up for grabs.

I'm already feeling inspired to create cards for the troops. Anything that can put a smile
on their faces is worth doing. Since they do so much for us.

Here's a secret: Back when I was a teenager just graduated from High School, I enlisted
in the ARMY. But I didn't make it because I was involved in a car accident right before
I was supposed to leave for Basic Training. I actually went into a coma for a brief period.
It was horrible and I had to do rehabilitation to get me back to close to where I was
before the accident. After that I didn't feel that I could physically serve our country but
I definitely believe in giving support to our troops.

I still suffer from the pain occassionally, especially when the weather gets really extreme.

So I really admire the soldiers and what they do. No matter what side of the political line
you are on please remember that it is the soldiers that are out their defending your right
to feel that way.

I encourage you to be sure to definitely visit the blog hop and if you're really inspired to
help organize a card making crop in your area.

Happy Crafting.

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