Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Cr8ive M.E.


This weeks question comes to us from Ruth in South Alabama.
Her question is in reference to the tutorial on Custom Candles.

She asks:
Good morning, I saw your candle project on paper planet and
want to try the project. I want to put a Magnolia print on it and
I usually use colored pencils. Will this transfer or do I need ink
or crayon?
Thank you for any information.


Hi Ruth!

That's a good question.

And I have actually used colored pencils before when decorating
a candle. The thing about coloring with pencils is that you have
to be careful because of the tissue paper that you will be stamping
and coloring on. As long as it doesn't rip the tissue paper when you
are coloring with it, you can use it for your candle. I hope that helps.

Happy Crafting.


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