Monday, February 22, 2010

No to Digi Bandits


I wanted to bring to your attention a terrible theft that is going on.

A lot of people may not even realize they are committing a theft but
that's precisely what it is.

I went to go visit my friend Joni's Inktegrity blog and saw this post on
her blog. Check it out here.

This is not the first time I've heard of this. Karen's Doodles has also
experienced this and you can read about it here as well as get a FREE
digi that you can post to your blog to help spread awareness of this
crime. Read about it here.

Most of you that read my blog have seen Inktegrity's stamps as I was a
Guest Designer.

And I have and continue to work on Digital Design Teams. You can see the
list of DTs I've been on and am currently on in my sidebar.

Digital stamps are a godsend because they not only are beautiful stamps
but are inexpensive, easy to store (since you store them on your computer),
and are resizable. These are being created by fantastic artists and should
be paid for their work. When you share a digi stamp you are preventing
someone from purchasing the stamp from the artist and that is wrong. So
please do not send digi stamps to your friends via email.

As my friend Joni has stated:
"You may make a few tangible copies for a friend, send a couple wallets sized
ones to your sister, or even print out a sheet for a young crafter to enjoy, but
please no cyber sharing."

If you are interested in trying out digis. There are some digis that are free to
give you a taste of the stamps and if you are interested in finding a place to
find these you can check out the Free Digital Stamps blog.

Sorry to be so serious but I wanted to bring this to your attention.

I promise to have some fun stuff up later today though, as soon as the PCP
Newsletter comes out today.

Happy Crafting.

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