Monday, May 25, 2009

Special Thanks


Today is Memorial Day and I've been following an amazing Blog Hop to help get more
people to send out cards and make donations to Cards For Heroes.

To follow the hop start HERE.

It's so inspiring that I too made a card for the troops.

Special Thanks GI

This will be one of the Any Hero cards that I send. Well, except that it's obviously
more aimed for a female soldier.

I remember back when I was in Junior High they had all the kids whose parents
had served come and speak to our school at a special assembly to Honor our
Heroes. My bio dad and mom were still together back then and so I asked him to
attend the assembly. Back when I was a child they had us do things that you don't
see in schools anymore like every morning we would say the Pledge of Allegiance.

I'm not saying that all the things that happened back then were good but I do wish
my niece and nephew could do some of the things that we did back when I was
there age, like saying the Pledge.

Almost all the men in my family have served our nation. My bio dad was in the Navy,
my step-dad's brother retired from the Air Force, my bio dad's brothers all served in
the military in one branch or another. My father-in-law served and currently my
brother-in-law serves in the Air Force.

So I encourage you to please take some time today to either visit the blog hop or just
to write a note on the Cards for Heroes Cbox.

And if you feel inspired to send cards or make a donation to Cards for Heroes.

Our troops do so much for us that's the least we can do.

The Simply G.I. Jane stamp that I used is a digi stamp created by Modern Sugar Blvd.
You can find her here, if you'd like to make a card for your special soldier or cards for Cards for Heroes. Right now MSB is having a Blog Candy contest, which I am submitting this card to.

And the sentiment is by Hero Arts. Which is one of the blogs on the main hop.

**People have been asking about the designer paper. I actually got this a while ago
back when
I first started scrapbooking. So I don't recall who made it but when I was
looking through my
scraps I found it and just thought it would be perfect for this card.**

Materials Used:
Stamps: Modern Sugar Blvd G.I. Jane, Hero Arts
Paper: CM Cardstock White, Royal Blue, Wausau Bright White

Ink: VersaColor 82 Black, Copic E00 Skin White, R11 Pale Cherry Pink, Bic Mark-it Tiki Hut Tan, Honey Brown, Adobe Orange, Blue Skies Blue, Moonstone Yellow, Rambunctious Red

Accessories: Colorbok Metal Dots

Happy Crafting,


  1. Awww what a cool card!!! Thanks for jumping in on the hop- I'll get you added!

  2. Very cool card - love your G.I. Jane take. Thanks for supporting CFH.

  3. That is an awesome card. I can tell that you are proud of everyone in your family. Thanks for sharing with CFH!

  4. What a cute~cute card! I love the girl soldier!! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  5. oh, i LOVE your card! happy memorial day!

  6. Your female soldier card is super cool!!! I know that someone will feel very loved when they receive it! Thanks for participating in the hop!

  7. Oh, this is wonderful & perfect for the blog hop & what it stands for.

  8. Cute card!

    This is my last stop on the blog hop- I have visited and commented on every blog (except the two where comments weren't working!) of the 152 listed on CFH's site! YIPPEE!!

  9. Loving the GI Jane!! I'm going to have to add her to my collection since I'm former AF. :) Your card was just fab. Really great.

    Please thank ALL your family...extended and otherwise...for their service. I can never say this enough.

    And Happy Memorial Day, to YOU!

  10. Great Card! I went through 3 parades in small towns on my way back home today from our other house in Pa! It was nice to see that so many people take this day to heart! (of course I didn't like the detours tho!)

  11. Wonderful card. Happy memorial day.

  12. Awesome image!!!!
    And I agree.. More Pledge of Allegiance please!

  13. WOW!! Now this is a wonderful card!! Beautiful coloring and fab way to show the patriotism!! :) Thanks for your support and Happy Memorial Day!!

  14. Great Card. Thank you for supporting our military and CFH.

  15. What a cool card! You will most certainly make a female hero's day for sure! Love it!

  16. HI! I love your female soldier card! Awesome!! You must be so proud of your family members for serving our country. Please pass along our THANKS to them!

  17. ME,
    What a great card! I love it! This post ends my journey for now. I think I have posted on everyones blog and am so pleased I took the time to do so.

    thank you for sharing.

  18. What an awesome card. I think lots of time, we forget that they are female soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am the Vice-President of the Foothills Chapter 8 North Carolina of the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. Last year we adopted a base in Afghanistan to support all year. We had the local OB, GYN offices in our town collecting items for the 20 some women soldiers on the that base. Thanks again for supporting this event and for supporting our troops!

  19. Thanks for supporting this event and our troops. It was an awesome card!

  20. Mary- what a great card!!! LOVE that female soldier image!!

    P.S.- my school STILL says the Pledge each morning during morning announcements!

  21. Awesome card Mary!! You did an amazing job on the coloring! TFS!!!

  22. Hi, very cool card. Thanks for sharing it and your kind comments on my blog. I wonder how you made the heart flag. Is it a stamp?

  23. this is wonderful!! love her camo!

  24. LOVE YOUR CARD!!!! thanks for sharing your story!

  25. Wonderful card! Your coloring is great!

  26. Great card and the camo coloring is awesome. Our school still does the pledge, moment of silence, and school motto each morning during announcements. I think it is awesome that we still do that.