Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Have a Namaste

Mary's Have a Namaste

This is one of the new releases from MSB. Isn't she super cute?

I really like this font and I think it goes well with this image. As you may or may not know depending on how often you stroll through my blog. I've been creating my own
sentiments lately.

In case you'd like to know what namaste means. It's a term used in yoga and in various cultures.

***Warning: TMI about to happen. Read at your own risk. ***

I first heard the term in Philosophy class. Yes, I actually took a Philosophy class back in college. Never finished the class or college though, that was around the time I got engaged and then with my crazy mixed up life. Which is only now calmed down a bit. I got sick while planning the wedding, going to church (which when I was engaged was a lot of going to Institute classes if you're LDS you know what I mean), having a calling at church and working full-time. So sad to say but school got left at the wayside. Especially when you consider how short an engagement we had.

We met at Thanksgiving Dinner at Institute, went on our 1st date in December. Started dating more seriously after he got back from Christmas vacation. Got engaged on Valentine's Day and married June 8th that year. So I really only had roughly 4 months of wedding planning to do what it says in the books takes about a year to a year-and-a-half. Along with planning a wedding we had to furnish an apartment. OK, I never really lived in an apartment long enough to have my own furniture.

Basically, I crashed at my last boyfriend's (prior my dh) place or we both did at his mom's. And my first apartment with roommates was an utter nightmare from H-E-double hockey sticks. I didn't get to buy the groceries, so anything that I got my mom actually brought me from her work (she works in a kitchen). I think she purposefully tried to make sure there were enough leftovers for me. (Hey, her work would have thrown the food out otherwise.) Plus, my roommates smoked like chimneys and did IT all the time in the living room so I never felt comfortable leaving my room. And they never cleaned.

***Thank you. Now back to our regular scrap talk.***

Oh, and for the yin yang pendant that she's wearing I did that one myself.

Basically, I took my whole punch. It's the size you can find at any office supply store.

Punched it out of my leftover Wausau paper scrap.

Took my Uniball White pen and my CM Basic Fine Tip pen (Black) and drew a yin yang
on the scrap. The chord for her necklace is my Uniball Silver pen.

Easy as pie. And trust me pies only that easy when you aren't making your own crust.

Materials Used:
Stamps: Modern Sugar Blvd
Paper: Wausau paper, CM Cardstock Royal Blue, Basic Grey Marrakech 6x6 paper pad

Copic E00 Skin White, R00 Pinkish White, R11 Pale Cherry Pink, V06 Lavender, Sharpie, Bic Mark-it Yellow Blaze, Lemon Bliss, Stone Grey, Signo Uniball Gel Impact White, Silver, CM Basic Fine Tip pen (Black)
Accessories: Prima Mulberry Paper Flowers, Nestabilities Labels One

Happy Crafting.

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