Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper Scrap Storage

Does this look familiar?

I've been following a thread on Splitcoast Stampers that's all about how
you store your paper scraps.

These are the questions that were asked on this thread followed by my own

1) How do you store your paper scraps?
I store my scraps in an accordion file folder I got at Big Lots a couple of years
ago. It has the main accordion part, plus in the front it has a smaller accordion
part as well as a box on top that I store small projects in.

2) Do you purge your saved scraps and, if so, how often?
I haven't purged my saved scraps.
3) How good are you at actually using the scraps you've saved?
I go to my scraps immediately after I pick the card base. I also let my niece use
my scraps when she stays/visits. She's 14 and loves to make cards.

Her mom loves that she can come over here and play in my craft room.

I know there are a lot of different ways to organize your scraps. Today I thought
I'd share with you the way my scraps are organized. Now, it might not work for
you but it definitely works for me.

So this is how my system is setup:

I use this accordion file system and file my scraps by the ROYGBIV method. Meaning
First I start with

Here is a closer look at my system

The file system that I have pictured is for my smaller scraps and then I have a
larger accordion file folder for my larger scraps and they too are organized
in the above system.

This system allows me to keep better track of my scraps which helps me to
use them in my crafting more often.

So how do you store your scraps?

Happy Crafting,

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