Monday, August 5, 2013

National Underwear Day 2013


OK. So I know there are a lot of random holidays and I mean who can keep up with them all.

But did you know that today is National Underwear Day?!?

This is the info I got on it from the National Underwear Day website.

National Underwear Day

In an effort to publicly shine light on “unmentionables,” Freshpair founded National Underwear Day on August 5th, 2003. Over the last 10 years we’ve celebrated underwear by hosting New York City model events, massive underwear giveaways, a pop-up shop in Columbus Circle, and a Times Square runway show.
Throughout the years, thousands of people have written us and shared acts of confidence. We’ve heard from cancer survivors struggling to regain their lives, men and women suffering with poor body image, and young and old embracing their sexuality. This year National Underwear Day is about YOU.
As the founder of National Underwear Day, Freshpair understands that confidence is the byproduct of believing in one’s self. And this year we want more people to do just that. That's why we're inviting everyone who has ever doubted themselves to join us in attempting to break a Guinness World Record in Times Square. All you need to bring is your underwear.
And not only is it National Underwear Day. It's also a Monday. So that's probably why the idea for this card came to mind.  I just couldn't help myself but create this card to celebrate.

Now although I'm blessed to not work outside the home. My DH does. And even though he took today off after being stuck on a business trip to China, that took a month. Which his company scheduled his trip to start on July 3rd. So he had to miss the Fourth of July. He's been having to deal with work emails and phone calls. So technically, he's still not even off.

Given all that my DH said I was wrong to create this card. Let  me know what you think.

Stamps: Unity Stamp Co. Crappy Day, Archiver's Sassy Style Card Kit stamp set
Ink: CTMH Archival Black
Accessories: CM Custom Cutting System Circles
Happy Crafting,

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