Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tip Day: 6x6 paper


Today, I thought I might start changing things up around here on my blog by offering a new segment.

I'm going to call it Tuesday Tip Day although with how things are going on in my life these might not show up until later in the week. Also these posts will probably appear every two weeks.

I will try to make these short, sweet and to the point. And hopefully these will be of some use to y'all. My first tip will be about those wonderful 6x6 paper pads, that I hope I'm not the only one that buys them.

The way that works best for me to store them is in a Close To My Heart My Acrylix OrganizerNot only is this wonderful for holding your CTMH stamp sets but it works great for 6x6 paper pads storage.

You can find this item HERE 
You can store the pads either the way they come in the store or you can store them the way that I do.

Front view

Top View
I can store so many more paper packs by cutting a file folder down to  6x6.5. I cut it to this size so that it works as a file tab for the My Acrylix Organizer.

By doing this,  I can store a third more paper pads then if I left them as they come in the store.

Also for my personal preference I do go through the paper pads and remove the sheets that I don't like which explains why my organizer holds the amount of packs you see above.

You may also notice in the above picture that their are a couple of different colors for the tabs. I use these to keep the companies together.

If you had a cute die cut for file folders you could make this even cuter.

My personal taste for this was to go more clean and simple.

Let me know if this is of use to you or someone you know. Also, I may post craft tips along with organizational tips.

Happy Crafting,

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